10 Seo Myths that should not be carried forward to 2015

If you are reading this post than I am sure you are aware of Search engine Optimization. Now, most of us would agree that are two things that dominate our industry:

  1. Google Updates
  2. Myths around those updates

In this post, I will write about 10 such myths that all of us might have talked or discussed at some time or the other.

1. A SSL Certificate can get your site to rank better:

Now, I will not categories this as a myth because this is definitely a certainty but in distant future. As of now, Google hasn’t released any official statement on marking or ranking sites as per their SSL certificates. This is what Google had to say on this matter:

” For now it’s only a very lightweight signal — affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, and carrying less weight than other signals such as high-quality content — while we give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS. But over time, we may decide to strengthen it, because we’d like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web. “

2. Once you are able to rank your keywords they stay ranked:

I wish it was true but in reality we know that this is not the case. SEO requires a long term maintenance which is crucial. What keep Seo going is the effort that is put behind it. Yes, once your site starts receiving good organic traffic you can relax but at no given point you can stop this process entirely. Therefore, it is not onetime effort but a consistent hard work to stay at the top.

3. Content is the KING:

No doubt, a good content is essential to boost the rankings and generate traffic for your website but assume that it is the only thing that is required will be an exaggeration. Believing that a good content will find its own audience is more of a wishful thinking than a practical thought. Yes, you need to generate quality contents but you equally have to spend time in promoting those contents.

4. Google is everything:

Google may be one of the biggest search engines in the market but that is not the end of the list. There are other search engines like yahoo, bing and many other without which picture is incomplete. If you are ranking on Google it is fine but ignoring other search engines can be a big mistake. Here is an interesting post with statistics, which will elaborate my point more clearly:


5. Seo is non-technical process:

This process is not only about content posting and link building but there are many facets of this process which goes beyond the regular stuff. Technical understanding on site structure, 404 configurations, 301 redirects, site hosting etc all come in handy during this process.At times there are errors that requires technical detailing, therefore, technical understanding on this process is crucial.

6. Title Tags are your key to success:

Well defined and mentioned Title tags are imperative but they are not the only thing your website need. If your site structure is poor and link quality is bad, irrespective how good your ‘Title Tag’ is it will not take you anywhere. Ranking crawlers doesn’t rank the sites on the basis of their title tags. Rather, they look at every aspect before ranking the sites up.

7. Paid searches will get you paid immediately:

This is the most common misconception among business owners who are eying gold from day 1 on virtual world. The saying that paid searches can increase the web traffic significantly is simply not true. Yes, PPC is a useful exercise but there is way of doing it. You need to set a good campaign, work hard on your keywords, select a right budget and proceed on every step with great care and attention. Therefore, if you are going for a PPC campaign without any knowledge or study you must think again.

8. Keyword rich domains will take care of rankings:

There was a time when there was a mad rush among Seo experts to get keyword rich domains. Some still think that they play a significant hand in ranking your websites but again it is nothing more than a myth. Google algorithm is more than finding a keyword rich domain and ranking it up. Google had clearly mentioned that site needs to be authoritative and informative to be considered worthy of the highest rank.

9. Directory Listing is Dead:

Really?? This bandwagon that directory listings are gone gained momentum in 2014. Yes, poor directories are dead; still there are many informative listings that are going strong. Directories such as Yellowpages.com, Yell.com, Whitepages.com and listings such as Yelp.com hold a significant VALUE. Businesses eyeing success in local markets can’t do without these highly important listings.

10. H1 Tags are crucial to Seo Rankings:

If you want to write impressive, keyword rich H1 for your site, there is no problem in that. However, if you think that those ‘h1 tags’ are going to catch ranking crawlers attention then you are mistaken. ‘H1 tags’ was never a parameter on which website was ranked. It will be best, if you use these tags keeping in the mind the convenience of your readers than ranking crawlers.