5 Ways to get your business ready for Local Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Google searches are becoming more and more Geo-centric, which means local marketers are getting the opportunities like never before. Recent surveys in Ireland suggest that more 65% of consumers prefer to check availability of products online before stepping in to the actual shop. Google itself is refining its local search algorithms every day to make it more precise and accurate. Therefore, if your business is catering to local markets it needs proper Seo.


So, let’s cover some imperative points to see how you can gain from these local algorithms to benefit your business.

1) Get an accurate listing:

An important factor in boosting local searches is NAP i.e. Name, Address and phone number. Make sure you keep these 3 things consistent in all your submissions. You cannot list your business in different directories with different information. Consistency in NAP is the most important indicator for Google search bot. Any variance in information is tagged as duplicity that can result in negative impression.


Tip:Using third party services like Moz Localto double check and detect your local listings. Compare them to detect any variations and if they exist, get them corrected right away. Some third party tools like Yext have paid options to supress any kind of duplicate or incorrect listings.

2) Get the Basics right:

There are few fundamentals of any good website.


Loading time and


Make sure you rank well on all three of them. Appearing on the first page of Google is impossible without correcting these three parameters. Tools like: https://developers.google.com serves as great parameters in analysing your website shortcomings. 3

Tip:There are thousands of free tools available on the internet to analyse your website. Don’t get confused with over analysis. Keep things simple. Go for trusted names like Moz and Google developers to get accurate insights about your website.

3) Go Mobile:

The trends are out and surveys are confirming it. Today more than 60% of people prefer to surf the internet though their smart phones.


Data speaks for itself. People are not only buying smart phones but are also using it to good effect. Therefore it is imperative to have a good mobile responsive presence to stand out among your competitors.

Tip:When going for a Mobile responsive design you have two options. Either you can use bootstrap or you can use a separate sub-domain like m.yoursitename.com. Ideally, coding different HTML using sub-domain works best for the users as it is simple and easy to understand.

4) Get Reviews and Ratings:

Most businesses shy away from it but some of them use it very smartly in their favour. The more you are reviewed the better it is for your business. Google also favour those businesses that are proactive and are reviewed on regular basis. Look at this for example:


These are the two ads that come up when we type Car repair in Newry. Now, ask yourself, which business you will be more tempted to look at.This is the whole art of marketing and building trust. If you are good at something you need to advertise it well.

Tip:Get your customers to review your services, put attractive banners on your website and tempt them to review it. Always keep in mind in Local market optimization, ‘more reviews mean more businesses.


5) Use Right keyword and search terms:

When you are optimizing for local searches make sure you go with right keywords. You need to put right efforts for right keywords to get right results. There are many paid and free tools available to help you in your search.


Tip: Though most people prefer Google keyword tool as a strong source to generate good keywords but you can always look beyond. Bing keyword tool or wordstream.com can also be looked at for promising results.