6 ways to create the conversions of your E-commerce stores

If you have an online store your motive is clear. You want conversions at any rate. You want people who are coming to your website to stay there and make some decent purchase. However, not all stores are blessed with this scenario. The most irritating thing for any Online store is to have visitors but not able to convert them into sales. So, let’s read into 6 most effective ways to not only attract customers to your store but also help them convert better.

1. Make sure you create urgency:

You must create urgency for all your products. The goal is to let customers know what they are going to gain or lose on purchase of any item or product. Here is an example:


In this advertisement a sense of fear is created. By mentioning ‘Limited time remaining’, you will be influencing your buyers to act now. Many good e-commerce stores do this. They create urgency through their ads. This not only gets customers to purchase immediately but also stop them from exploring other options on your competitor’s store.

2. Make the structure easy for your customers:

Never make your customers work hard. This is the Golden rule for success for any online store. You need to make sure that the navigation structure of your website is simple. The most irritating thing for any customer is to select the item and then go through 4-5 pages to purchase it. Elegant e-commerce models compile up all the steps on to one page. All customer has to do is, fill up that page and he is good to go with his purchase. Here is an example:


In this example you will see that everything is available on one page itself. This not only saves customers time but also make the entire process easier.

3. Add an Online Chat:

This is an important feature on any e-commerce store. At times customers have doubts in mind and if you can resolve those doubts immediately you will win yourself a loyal customer. Most e-commerce stores fail to acknowledge it. Yes contact forms are there but customers who are shopping online with a mood to purchase will always appreciate a quick response. Not only this resolves whatever query customers has but also add a personal touch. People like getting attention on their concerns.


Believe it or not, but a ‘Live Chat’ option on the website does make a difference.

4. Strategize your Social Media Marketing more creatively:

You have to engage your audience. You need to run some contests or distribute gift coupons to keep them interested. According to a survey more than 70% people during festive season are likely to purchase gift coupons. Trust me; no one on social media platform is interested in reading about a product. All they want to know is how attractive the deal is and how much they can save from it. If you design your campaigns well, you can really fetch some interested buyers from social media platforms.

5. Get An App:

Today every big and recognised e-commerce store has its own App. The logic behind this is simple. The number of smart phone users is increasing every day. These users like to assess everything from their smartphones. A good app can make purchase possible in only few clicks. E-commerce stores are slowly catching up to the idea of getting an App. Yes, some big brands are already using it; still there is a lot of ground that needs to be covered. So, if you have an online store, you can really make it count by getting an App.

6. Add High Quality images:

Always remember that users get attracted to visuals than anything else. Make sure you add good Zoom options on your images. The more clarity a user will have about your product, higher are his chances to go for it.