Meet the Seven Online Millionaires of Europe

Europe is 2nd smallest continent in the world; still it holds 28 % of the world’s ten figure fortunes. Around 468 millionaires having aggregate net worth of $1.95 trillion live in the continent. While Russia leads the count with 111 millionaires, Germany boast up 85 ten-digit fortunes and UK is home to 47 millionaires. I know you will love this list, so, check them out and see who is making what.


  1. Hasso Plattner


Source of wealth: SAP

Net Worth: 9.1 billion USD

Hasso Plattner is a co-founder of software giant SAP AG.  Earlier, he was a chairman of the board until 2003 and currently the chairman of the supervisory board. At present, he tops the list of most influencing personalities in IT world. In 2005, Platter started Hassso Plattner Ventures with 50 million from his own funding, but now he has successfully invested in 20 companies and accumulated revenue of 130m Euro (2011).


  1. Xavier Niel


Source of wealth: ILIAD

Net Worth:  10 billion USD

Xavier Niel is a French tech entrepreneur best known as founder and majority shareholder i.e. 63.93 % of the French Internet service provider and Mobile operator ‘Iliad’. Niel is active in the telecommunications and technology industry and trading under the Free brand ILIAD (France’s second-largest ISP, and fourth largest mobile operator). He is also co-owner of the newspaper Le Monde, and co-owner of the rights of the song “My Way”. He currently acts as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors & Chief Strategy Officer for Iliad.

In the early age, Niel started developing telecommunication and data services which let him embarked on an entrepreneurial career at a young age. At 19, he successfully created his first company, a Minitel (a French prototype of the internet) service company and then he sold it. Journalist Pascal-Emmanuel Gobryof Business Insider described Xavier Niel as the most active angel investor in the world.


  1. Klaus Tschira


Source of wealth: SAP AG

Net Worth: 8.6 billion USD

Klaus Tschira co-founded SAP in 1972 with five former IBM colleagues, three of whom are also billionaires (Dietmar Hopp, Hasso Plattner and Hans Werner Hector). SAP has grown to be one of the world’s largest software firms, with revenue of 22.8 billion USD in 2013. Klaus retired from the company in 1998, and stepped down from its supervisory board in 2007.

Afterward, Klaus Tschira Stiftung (KTS) a German Foundation was established by this physicist Tschira in 1995 as a non-profitable organization with a chief objective to foster and support the projects in natural and computer sciences as well as mathematics. Tschira donated 7 million of his shares in the Foundation, and now devoting his time to his Klaus Tschira Foundation and has formulated it one of Germany’s largest philanthropies.


  1. Andreas von Bechtolsheim


Source of wealth: SUN Microsystems

Net Worth: 3.9 billion USD

Andy Bechtolsheim is a German immigrant and computer whiz who landed at Stanford for his Ph.D., developed the SUN Workstation and became the founder of Sun Microsystems in the early 1980s. Bechtolsheim wrote one of the first cheque to Sergey Brin and Larry Page to start a fledgling dorm project known as Google. Andy’s initial investment of $100,000 in 1998 is now worth more than $2 billion in the Google shares.

His estimated net worth has surged by about $1 billion in the past year with Google shares. Early fellow as Google investor, Andy started three different tech companies with a focus on IT networking. One of them was bought by Cisco, another by Sun Microsystems. The speed-talking Bechtolsheim serves as the chairman and chief development officer of Arista Networks.


  1. Ralph Dommermuth


Source of wealth: United Internet

Net Worth: 3.9 billion USD

Ralph owns over 40% of publicly traded United Internet AG. United Internet AG is one of the leading Internet service providers in Germany, providing email services and storage and is pushing the growth of mobile applications in Germany as well as internationally. The service was started in 1988 with offerings of marketing services for small software suppliers and later developed it additionally for clients such as Compaq, IBM and Deutsche Telekom.

Complete marketing solutions by Ralph Dommermuth for online advertisers and mobile applications have made the users to compete in the technically growing generation.


  1. Yuri Milner



Source of wealth: DST Global

Net Worth: 3.2 billion USD

Yuri Milner was one of the first major backers of Facebook in 2009 and has since steered investments in a handful of late-stage Internet giants like Zynga (IPO 2011), Spotify, Groupon (IPO 2011) and Airbnb through DST Global, the investment fund he manages. Having led a reported $400 million funding round in Twitter in 2011, DST’s stake was worth $1.2 billion at the time of the company’s IPO.

Milner himself has also piled money into a string of earlier-stage companies, including Coursera, Genapsys and 23andMe. Milner moved DST’s head office to Hong Kong closer to China with the motive of investments in e-commerce giant Alibaba and mobile-phone maker Xiaomi.


  1. Niklas Zennström



Source of wealth: SKYPE

Net Worth: 1.3 billion USD

Niklas Zennström cofounded some of the most legendary European companies like Joost, Skype and Kazaa. Niklas was Skype CEO until 2005 when he became the company’s chairman. In 2006 Zennström founded ‘Atomico’, a VC fund and made over 50 investments over four continents, including Skype, Jawbone, Fon, Fab, Klarna and Rovio, with an exclusive focus on the technology sector. Later on, Skype was sold to eBay for $3.1 billion in 2007.


Afterward, it was bought back by a consortium that included Zennström and was sold it again to Microsoft for $8.5 billion cash in 2011. Zennström co-founded Zennström Philanthropies, where he is dynamically involved in combating climate change. Here, his team is striving to improve the state of the Baltic Sea and encouraging social entrepreneurship.



The above information is sourced from Forbes Inc, Fortune, Wikipedia, manager magazine with effect from 20th Feb.2015. If you feel like some numerics are wrong, do inform us.


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